Ideal flatmates

Happy to live with anyone


Hi, I am Thommy. I am a 31-year old engineer who recently relocated to Hong Kong and I am currently looking for a cozy little place to live in.

I don't need much to survive - a fast internet connection and a cozy space is enough. Although I like to cook, I have the feeling that in Hong Kong having take-out food is more common and can be cheaper that preparing your own meals - so I might be using the kitchen only every now and then.

I would call myself the quiet but social guy - so I am totally fine being on my own in my room playing computer games, but I am also fine with hanging out and socializing. On the weekends you will usually find me outdoors exploring - but I might not be out so much, if the current health situation is getting worse.

Listing ID: L200123155411541

Posted on 23 January 2020